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Season's Greetings!

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You Make Me Happy Shaker

Mushroom Lane's Police Station

More Mushroom Lane!

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Three Cards for Double Feature Day Two!

A Double Feature!

I'm Back With A Prickely Pear Release!

Popping Pumpkin Riley Fun Fold

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A Fallen Leaf!

This Coffee....

Happy Harvest!

Dream Big!

Steampunk Tin Man Bouquet and Stamp Convention News!

Paw Prints on Our Hearts

Autumn Evening

Autumn Days....

Life Begins After Coffee

....these are a few of my favorite things....

....and Maybe Three People


Most Important Meal!

Spread Sunshine!

Coffee and Three People

Level of Maturity

Diddly Squats

Beauty Sleep...

Mushroom Lane House with Shed

Double Z Fold Birthday Card!


Happy Graduation!

You Make Me Happy ....

Tea Bag Folded Wedding Card


Bendi Card

Mushroom Lane Library

Sympathy Cards