Some Birthday.....and a Winner!!

Today was my birthday....and some birthday it was! I've been feeling punk all week...and finally went in today to find I have a full blown case of Strep throat! What's with that in June?! Needless to say I've been keeping the couch company today instead of creating. Thankfully the kids went easy on me and I even got to nap a lot!!

The RAK winner from Wednesday's post is: Lastel said...
Congrats on your exciting news , looking forward to seeing more of your awesome creations!
I have the perfect card in mind for you Lastel....Asian and all!! LOL! I'll get making it as soon as I can!! Thanks for reading my blog!!

I'll leave you with something pretty to look at since I'm not feeling pretty and I've not made anything pretty!!


Bunny B said…
Happy Birthday!! Lovely flower pic!
Hope you get well soon!!
Michelle! You are blowing me away with your flower pics!!!! The dew on the flower, the detail all of it is so real, I can almost smell it!
Lastel said…
Happy Belated Birthday ! Sorry to here you are sick , that is no fun . My card can wait til you are feeling better , rest up girl ! What gorgeous roses , are those from your yard ? Bet they smell awesome !
java diva said…
Happy Bday! I hope you feel much better soon! How awful to be sick in June ON your bday with strep of all things! :(
Kristen said…
Happy belated birthday!! Hope you are feeling better soon.
Catherine said…
Darn it! I can't believe I missed your b-day!
I just got over a sinus infection, so I feel your pain. Hope you'll be better soon.
Mel M. M. M. said…
Happy belated bday to you!!! :0) I'm bummed I missed it too! I hope your strep throat hits the road soon. That's not a fun birthday present! :0)

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