Teacher Appreciation Day!

I can't believe it is that time of year already, but it is Teacher Appreciation Day!  We are so thankful to have some great teachers for our kiddos.  I give them kudos...I don't have the patience that they display on a daily basis!    For my daughter's teacher we used a Designed 2 Delight digital image that has teacher written all over it!  I found some chalkboard paper in my stash that she personalized for her teacher!  My son used a version of this for a favorite middle school teacher who encourages him to think and to be empathetic and makes learning fun.  I love the enthusiasm in his voice when he talks about her classes.
And our piano teacher makes the cut again this year as a splendid teacher.  Under her direction, my seventh grade son took a Class A piano solo to Solo and Ensemble and got a *1.  Saturday he took the piano solo to the state competition and scored a 1-N.  He went from being totally overwhelmed to playing the piece memorized and beautifully.  This year has brought music into our home like never before and I am so very, very thankful! 


Maxine D said…
What great cards Michelle. I really love the music one with the fabulous die cut and the drama of the black and white.
It is so good to hear you son enjoys, and is becoming accomplished with, his music.

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