Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hi there!  Fall has kept me busy!  We enjoyed a few family days that kept me out of the studio...and then I had a fun project for our piano teacher....I made her this folk art keyboard out of clothes pins.  It will hang on the wall and will hold the practice incentives for each of her piano students this year!
Part of that project also included making 65 charms....I made these and lots more shrinky dink keyboards....
And then some vintage sheet music medallions, in various glittery colors and some in copper for the young men!  Very fun!  I had some epoxy circle stickers that have yellowed over the years...but I'm glad I kept them because they were perfectly fine for the vintage sheet music and were the perfect finishing touch!


fun projects...you have been busy! i just finished making 10 dozen cinnamon rolls, does that count as busy? LOL
Maxine D said…
Wow what an amazing project Michelle - you certainly have been busy!! These are gorgeous!

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