Blog Break

I guess I'm having a bit of a blog break here. We've been sick at our house....every one of us and each of us has something different....guess we're individuals!! Rummage sale for the next 3 days here and you *know* what I'll be doing in any lulls. I'm hoping to get back to posting soon....thanks for stopping by!!


Hope everyone is feeling beter soon.
debbiedee said…
Michelle, sorry to hear you all are sick! Hope you get to feeling better for your sale and for stamping again.
Mel M. M. M. said…
Bummer! Hope all of you wonderful individuals are feeling MUCH better soon. :0) mel
Maria said…
I'm sorry your family is sick! I hope you all feel better soon and we'll still be here when you return!!

Be sure to take care of yourself. . .drink a lot of water and rest, rest, rest!!

Hope you and your family's feeling better! Sucks to be sick! Hope the rummage sale went well!
AnnMarie said…
Hey Michelle! Hope you feel better soon! It is no fun when the babies are sick and even worse when you feel bad too! I will be thinking of you! Take care! : )

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