Finally Friday!

Phew....what a week! Lots going on....getting ready for a rummage sale.....sick kids....who needs more?! Ack! I've no new cards to share.....I'm itching to get stamping....but first I need to clear out this clutter. Then I'll be just down to the stamping clutter and that is far more enjoyable!! LOL! Instead of a new card I'm just going to give you a peek at some happy mail I rec'd recently that just really made my day.....thanks SO MUCH girls!!!!

Catherine....what a hoot this was to get! I love all the blue stuff....and the flowery stuff! I forgot to stick one of the stamps in the photo....and the chocolate....well I hate to tell you this, but chocolate just doesn't photograph well!! LOL! The card is very gorgeous...Thank You!!
Debbie sent me this wonderful pile of yum recently! I'm so ready to color images and oogle that lucious ribbon some more! I posted the turtle card the other day that came with this....and she sent some of her one sheet wonder project too!! The chocolate rule applies to you too.....but feel free to keep sending it.....I'll keep trying to photograph it! LOL!!


How lovely to get spoiled like that!! Looks yummy!
debbiedee said…
Michelle, fun goodies you've rec'd. Hopefully this will help you get out of your funk and inspire you to stamp again. Ü
Maria said…
Wowwee! Such great stuff to receive! Lots of goodies to play with! Lucky you!!


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