Zentangle Inspired Card Set!

Oh, what do you think I was doing while tending that garage sale?!  I was reading books and making zentangle tiles for these cards!  What a hoot!
The colored frames are from The Paper Cut, and I wanted to use them for this, so I measured white paper and cut 2 1/2 x 2 1/4 inch rectangles.
This is so fun to do because it takes so few supplies and can be put down and picked up as time allows.
You can see that I repeated some of the patterns on all of the cards, but I snuck new ones in here and there.  I am working on a pattern book, but I won't be showing that until I have more to show!
The final step on all of these was to add a bit of pencil shading, which I did today along with a bit of distressing.  These are so fun to do and perfectly flat for mailing! 

Have you tried Zentangle-Inspired Art yet?! 


Maxine D said…
Michelle these are fabulous - love the way you have made up the cards, and those zentangle panels are awesome.
Angie said…
Wow!!!! I am going to show my daughter! Would love it if she made hers into a card! These are GORGEOUS!!!!!
ionabunny said…
Fantastic. Haven't tangled in a while. Re-inspired. Thanks

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