The Life and Love We Live....

Well this week is off to quite a start...storms in our area took our power out this we got ready and off to piano lessons in the dark.  The highway was closed due to the deluge of rain we got in said around the country block we went!  During lessons we got the text school was on a 2 hour the kids off to school and then off to town for the funeral of a friend who has fought cancer for 20 years.  Her gracious life was an inspiration to many and her sunny smile will be missed.  

Today's card is for Prickley Pear and features: GG0194 Poppy Bud,  GG0113 Life and Love.
I made this card for the wedding of my father-in-law and his new bride May 2.  The verse is so fitting for so many occasions.

We have also heard news of new life this week.  Marriage, death, birth...the cycle of life goes on. 

Thankful to be reminded of all we have, and want to be thankful and prayerful in the *everydays* and make sure to make every moment count for eternity!


Maxine D said…
What a beautiful card Michelle - and what a start to your week!
May God bless you for your reminder to make our 'everydays' count for eternity.
Beautiful wedding card Michelle!
Rene' said…
Your card is lovely Michelle!
Maureen R said…
beautiful card Michelle. So perfect for a wedding for your FIL. I love that poppy stamp & you it's lovely the way you colored it. I also love your positivity today. after all you've gone through. Bless your little heart!
Hugs, Maureen
Janeen said…
Beautifully showcased srnitment

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