Pyramid Card - Metronome

Happy Thursday!  Today I have a new to me card....the Pyramid Card!  I first saw this when checking out a stamping friend's blog....and she had the awesome idea to make this card as a metronome!  I love all things music....and what better card to give to our piano teacher?  I must say...this is probably the most fun I have had with a metronome! *wink!*

You can check out my inspiration from Vicki's blog HERE. 

I used some sheet music, washi tape, some funky lock and key brads from somewhere that I fashioned into my metronome needle.  Flowers are from Prima, gemstones and some butterflies punched from some Prima paper scraps.  
 I decorated all three sides just for fun.
This is the side that opens.  It is held shut with a magnet in the lower right corner of the white triangle piece.   This folds flat for mailing or delivering in an envelope.

I pieced the inside as well where we will write our little notes of thanks for her whole bunch of awesome.  I loved making this card and think it will be fun to make in other themes as well. 


Vicki robertson said…
So awesome, Michelle! The music sheet was perfect as the background and I love the Washi tape. It turned out very cool. I'm sure the piano teacher will love it. Thanks for linking my blog and so happy that for once, I inspired you instead of the other way around!
Maxine D said…
What a great card Michelle - The metronome is a fabulous idea and you have executed the design beautifully. That's the most friendly metronome I have seen - I don't like the 'real' ones at all ;-)

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