Polka Dot House on Mushroom Lane

Welcome to Polka Dot House on Mushroom Lane!  This was a fun image to color and it was inspired by the scrap of designer paper on the left side of the card.    I love grabbing a scrap of paper out of the bin and matching my image to it.  Yes, I pick papers first and then add colors.  I like this method because it makes me go outside of my usual color schemes.

I did the Outside of the Box technique on this card so more of the designer papers would show.  It is hard to see on the photo, but some of the dots are glittery on that paper scrap.  I added Stardust accents to the image to tie it all together!

The flowers are out of my bin of bits and bobs....all in all it adds up to a cheery little card!


Maxine D said…
this is a very cheerful card Michelle, and I love your starting point :-)

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