Twirled Twine Card Trio!

It's Michelle here today with a new to me technique...I'm calling it twirled twine...because that is basically all you do!  I'm also calling this 3D Thursday as I am not stamping at all...just playing with twine!

MarkerPOP has opened a new site and here is a little bit about them:  
Craftkin proudly offers crafting and D.I.Y products that are eco friendly and high quality. Our goal is to make it easy and affordable to shop for the latest products that provide a high standard of design, quality and functionality. Our products are hand selected by trusted manufacturers to ensure quality in both manufacturing and sustainability.
This is a thin twine which I liked for this technique as it did not add a lot of bulk to my card.  I did not find that the twine untwisted while I worked with it. 

How could I not like this screamed Green Bay Packers to me!  I can see these medallions as fun to use on cards or in scrapbooks....or even on ornaments or banners or other fun decor elements.

 Here is how I did it:

1. Start with a cardstock circle and then trim a red-lined tape sheet circle the same size. 
2.  Attach the tape circle to the cardstock circle and punch a hole in the middle.
3.  Feed your baker's twine through the center and then tape the tail to the back.
4.  I added a glue dot to fill in the hole again.
I switched photos on you....I forgot to photograph the process the first this is a second medallion in the works on a black cardstock circle.

5.  You can see I started wrapping the twin around keeping it firm and smooth and I go.
6.  When you get to the outside edge, just wrap the tail to the back and tape again.
7.  Add your fun medallion to your project!


Maxine D said…
What a stunning technique Michelle - it certainly catches the eye!
Janeen said…
Ha! FUN and of course I thought PACKERS as soon as I saw the green and gold!!! Go pack go
Tam Hess said…
Love twine, twine is my favorite. haha Great ideas!

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