Oh My Zen!

Oh, yes...that there is a lot of Zen!  I have been busy making samples for the zentangle-inspired workshop that I am teaching next weekend at The Stamp Shoppe.  There are so many fabulous stencils on the market...and this one just was calling my name!  I used the store stencil, so I don't have that info handy, but if you are interested you can contact The Stamp Shoppe and I'm sure they can set you up.

I tangled all of the flowers and then cut out the images with scissors and my craft knife.  The base is a coated blue simmery cardstock.  The sentiment is from Prickley Pear; EE0133 In Dreams.

Here is another fabulous die all tangled up. 

And finally, here is one that I used two stencils on.  I used the kimono and then layered the dragonfly on top.  The papers are Suisai Origami papers. 

If you are interested in learning about Zentangle-Inspired Art, join me next Friday or Saturday at The Stamp Shoppe. 


oh.my.word!!!! These are zen-tastic! You are now the zen queen! I wish I lived closer so I could take this class.
Maxine D said…
Michelle these are marvellous - just wish I could take your class :-)

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