Friendlier Friendly Flower Tutorial

I'm never sure how detailed to get in these if I'm every too murky with the details....just ask! I was told about these flower punches by a friend, so don't take any credit for this idea....but it sure is a fun one and I'm happy to share!!

1~ punch out a scalloped circle (I used SU!'s)

2~ Tape it to a piece of thin white paper. (Thin so you can punch it again) I trim close to the edges as shown so it's easier to adjust my punch for the next cut.
3~ Slide your punched shape back into the punch.
4~ Turn the punched piece just slightly so that the tips divide each scallop as shown.
5~ Punch, and you're left with this interesting looking fellow!
6~ Carefully peel apart the taped pieces...
7~ Ta-Dah!!! You have a new punched shape!! Thinking sunflowers, medals, medallions, all sorts of fun things! Note this did not fit the stamp perfectly in the last card....but I liked the look it gave anyway.

Hope this made the process first tutorial! And aren't those little boy paws just the cutest?!


thank you!!!! I am such a visual person.
your son's hands are now famous. Ü Tell him he did a wonderful job.
Bunny B said…
Great tip!! Thank you for sharing :) Hope you have a fab weekend!
Great hands N.!! I'll have to be sure to show this to A-M-C to let them see you're famous =) Yep, this is a fun thing!! You can do the same thing with 5-petal flower punch SU! has too. Pretty neat.
Crafty said…
great tutorial and great blog! I love your cards!

Gail S. said…
You did great showing us how to use the scallop punch in a different way! The steps were great. Your son did good also :-)!!
Maria said…
Great job on your tutorial! Love it. . .such a creative way to create a different type of shape with the same punch!!

Mel M. M. M. said…
Hey that's what I need: a kid! LOL Charles is always complaining if he has to take pictures for me, so I've learned to shoot them with my left hand. Then I always look like I do things weirdly in my pics lol. I love your tips for doing this. FAB! :0)
jenn* said…
great job with your punches! think i'll have to dig 'em out (again) and try this one out!

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