Whatcha Got Cookin?!


It's Michelle here with my Freebie post....and with summer winding down and the holiday weekend coming up I have food on my mind! Today I will share a few recipes that I found on Pinterest that we tried and liked. Maybe you will find a new favorite too! First up is meat...this Steak Marinade was a hit at our house this summer...think we used it on a sirloin steak! 


Up next is Campfire Potatoes....a perfect go-together as my crew would say! This is a little different twist on how we usually make our grilled potatoes. Our usual version is potatoes, salt, pepper, onions and butter. I love Penzy's Spices...so lately I've been tossing in different spice combos for a bit of variety!

I didn't mean this to turn into a meal plan...but the next recipe that was a hit in our house was this yummy Cucumber Salad! We were the lucky recipient of a TON of cucumbers this summer and my family gobbled many of them up in this fashion! 

And here is a bit o summer in the form of a Blueberry Cream Pie! We get about 30# of blueberries each summer....and this was the first thing we tried this summer! Well...have you run across a favorite summery recipe on Pinterest this summer?! If so share it here...I maybe can sneak it in our holiday weekend line-up!


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