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Hello there! I've been talking about those CHA photos...and today I'm going to share a few! I loved the Elizabeth Craft booth...they have the most fine glitter I've ever seen...it makes Art Institue's Ultra Fine Glitters look chunky!! I first saw this glitter in person a few months ago when a new friend, Bug, shared some cards done with this glitter with me. Their CHA booth had many gorgeous samples...but unfortunately my camera was naughty with the glitter....or maybe I was so twitterpated I jiggled!!

I do not own any Elizabeth Craft Glitters (yet)....but The Stamp Shoppe ordered some up...so if you are interested in any supplies you can check with them!

I decided to give a few of the ideas I picked up in their booth a try. For this card I used a sticker that I picked up in the Archiver's Hot Spot. I applied it to some a sheet of Red Line Tape. I cut out my sticker image and placed it on red cardstock. I peeled of the protective coating and coated the sticky surface with Art Institute's Ultrafine Pearl glitter. With my Copic Markers I carefully *dabbed* the white glitter, tinting it as desired! Since the AI glitter is chunky, I recommend dabbing with the copics so you don't damage your tip. My tips are none the worse for wear after making these cards.

For this fall card I did the same thing....only here I carefully shaded my leaf, carefully *dabbing* my copic markers to achieve the desired effect.

For this flower card I again shaded with my Copic Markers, however I left some white glitter showing for a different feel.

There were other techniques shared in the Elizabeth Craft booth...one is the technique done on the first card of this post. I hope to share that soon!


MiamiKel said…
Oh my goodness gracious, this is stunning! I love the stained glass look - beutifully done!
These are just beautiful, the glitter looks so fine, I can see why you like them. Just amazing.
Jenn said…
What a beautiful effect! love the look of stained glass.
WOW! These cards are gorgeous! I can't wait until you get some glitter, make a card and send it to me. LOL!!
bernietom47 said…
These are Brilliant! I love the stained glass look. Beautiful!!!!!
Blessings Bernie

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