Cuppy Cake Goodness!

We're re-visiting CUPCAKES for my getting to know the design team post for MarkerPop 

I made these particular cupcakes in the last several daughter has moved on to brownies for her birthday dessert of choice...and my son to I don't get the fun much frosting fun anymore!!

I have a little frosted goodness to share today, two different sets of cupcakes I made, one set for my son and the other for my daughter!

We made these simple Halloween cupcakes with Wilton picks and wraps. It made it easy for my son to help out! We made gooky green buttercream frosting using green and yellow food coloring. Don't be surprised if you see a fence on a future card...the extra cupcake wrappers just might end up as a mask or some such thing....garbage, I think not!!! Close up of cupcake below! And....if Halloween isn't your is another batch I did up for my daughter's birthday, and they are totally girly!! I used a Butterfly Die for the pattern for the butterflies on my daughter's birthday cupcakes!!  Yes, those butterflies are edible...the things you don't do for your kids!  This is not my original idea....found it here... I was surprised that my results turned out as well as they did...I'm no cake maker....I prefer paper!! My daughter was thrilled with the results and all afternoon she thanked me for making her pretty cupcakes for her birthday!! The fact she thinks they are pretty is all I need!!


looks so yummy, I want one, maybe 2, lol !!!!
MaxineD said…
Oh what fabulous cup cakes - yup, the things we do for our children - I had to make a snake cake for my son every year - right through to his 21st!!

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