All White Cards With One Additional Color

This is my third post today! Be sure to scroll down to see the new Prickley Pear Red Rubber Release and my first post for Icopic! Lots to inspire!

Today's Designed2Delight challenge is mine today....and it is a true *Michelle* challenge! I love white, it's simplicity and what happens when you just use ONE other color with it to make your creations!

I decided to go with baby cards using Baby Buggy - Heaven much more perfect could pure white cards with a touch of color be?!

I can't wait to see what you all come up with....I'll be around to leave y'all some love!


jules said…
Oh Michelle these are gorgeous!
Bridget said…
Your card set is beautiful Michelle!
thekolbes said…
OMG those are adorable
gorgeous! the white texture adds to the beauty of these cards!
They are gorgeous, love how there done with only one color!!!
JUDI said…
These cards are so NEAT, CLEAN, and PRISTINE. Great job. With Love Judi
Rebekah said…
These are so beautiful and the ribbon threaded through the border like that!
Gail S. said…
So pretty! What a great set of cards. I love the buggy.
This set of cards is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! LOVE IT!!! ;D

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