When I'm Not Stamping....

This is one of two blog posts today, please scroll for more inspiration!
Michelle here, and today's post for MarkerPop is to learn a little bit more about me! If I'm not playing with pretty paper...I love to putter with beauty in nature! While my little plot looks very meager to a real garden, I do enjoy the flowers I've managed to plant in my small town lot! If you want to take a peek.....these were some beauties that can be found in my garden! Click photos to enlarge them....nature is so beautiful when we take time to stop and look!
....talk about stunning, glorious and fantabulous!
....may all your weeds be wildflowers~ c'mon, admit it....those dandelion photos are very pretty!!! LOL!

I'll close my post by saying I'm not a photographer....but I hope you enjoyed a summer stroll through my garden!


MaxineD said…
Michelle you may not have much garden space, but you really have made it produce some fabulous blooms.
Maria said…
I love the beautiful flowers. Very pretty. I can never grow anything outside it always dies on me. I lived in my house 12 years and tried to grow ten trees and all of them dies.
Ruza Rebel said…
Gorgeous flowers Michelle! I have a black thumb, and can't grow anything! TFS! ;o)

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