My Happy Place!

It's get to know you week on the MarkerPop blog...and we're not supposed to share a stamping project. Last month I shared a peek of our family this month I've decided to share another happy place with you! Sorry it's stamping related...but I'm sure you can cope! *wink!*  

If you've been following a while, you may have stopped by before....but to my new followers, here is where I play!
My stamping studio is located in our basement family room. While windows and a first floor locale are on my wish list, I'm in no rush....I keep it pretty colorful and cheery down here....and nobody but our family sees the mess! *wink*
To my left there is a storage unit hubby made me back when wood stamps was what I did...thought I would never outgrow it! LOL! I keep some paper here as well as stamp sets, both wood mounted and unmounted in cd cases. I could save lots of space by unmounting my wood stamps, but I won't...I like the feel of wood and would rather create than mess with that sticky process!

Behind me is a wall of storage that houses design team stuff, ribbons, punches and cardstock. This has been changed up...but still houses those things.

Behind that half wall there is a full wall of storage....gotta love Target! This wall houses more papers, stickers, rub-ons, paints, glitters, sprays, you name it, it's probably there! I have another half wall of cubes...with more of the same. If I'm not stamping, I'm probably organizing!

One favorite idea for those bulky punches that I can't part with....a microwave rack that was sitting in our storage room....check it out!

I now have it sitting on top of a cardboard box that I covered in some pretty natural white wrapping paper. The box is just deep enough for the handles....and I have them all out in sight and easy to grab. The flatter punches are in drawers below them.

So....will let this be all for tonight...I have some stash to stash and some projects to finish up...thanks for stopping by!


MaxineD said…
what - you tidied it before you took the photos!! Awesome spot Michelle.
wow what a collection, so organized, I need a room like that,lol!!!
Monica said…
I love love love how you have it organized.. making the best of your space.

I am extremely curious about the microwave rack you mentioned... for those punches.. I love my punches but they are so hard to store where I can see them. I really dont like keeping them in Walmart bags!

I'm googling these racks and coming up with some.. things that dont match your pictures... I was wondering if this (sorry for the link) is what you are referring to?

Thank you for your tips and suggestions.

All the best, Monica
Nikki said…
Fabby Craft room soo wanna play there ;)

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